MIXES DISOWNED - ALAN (Alantines Speak easy) - 16th Feb 2013 Hot

DISOWNED - ALAN (Alantines Speak easy) - 16th Feb 2013

Big respect goes out to all the ALANS for creating and nurturing a party that has become unique and highly sought after on the London scene!!!. Its always a pleasure to come grace the decks (or CDJ's / Laptop..?) for this bunch, I also played at their last event back in december 2012. This time I managed to get my set recorded and its come out super tight, even if I do say so myself! : )

For this ALAN I decided to go all out and experiment with the new style of bass driven hardcore thats been rearing its head over the last 18 months or so. The "Bang 2 me Nasty VIP' "Night Flight remix' and "Running Man" tracks are definite stand out productions as far as im concerned, displaying forward thinking and innovative arrangement and production.

Enjoy and Happy 2013!! (yeah i know its a bit late!!)

1) Spirit Song - Toronto Is Broken
2) Vatican roulette - Load Star
3) Bigger and bolder - Gammer & JCB
4) Bang 2 me nasty VIP - Breeze & Modulate
5) This One's The Killer - Swiss T & Pinnacle
6) Night Flight (Uplift & Pinnacle remix) - Uplift
7) Major Panic (Have It Back) - Gammer
8) Jump (Original Mix) - Gammer & Whizzkid
9) Set Me Free (Bustin & Skampy Rave mix) - Anthony Dean feat' Kates Ambition
10) DJ's In Full Effect (Sc@r Remix) - Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
11) Shake Your Body - Dougal & Gammer
12) Running man - Squad-e
13) Am I On Your Mind (Darren Styles & Re-con Mix) - Oxygen feat. Andrea Britton
14) Connected (McMash Clan remix) - John B feat Kirsty Hawkshaw
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