Thursday, 01 December 2011 21:41
This Saturday see's Wonderland hold another festival of fun and fluffiness in their spiritual home, Crucifix lane, SE1.

This time they seem to have decided to step up the level of diversity and talent with many new DJ's and performers gracing the stage.

Of course this party is just as much about the atmosphere and the decor as it is about the music.

Everytime i approach the club my imagination kicks in to gear with images of past events and speculations of the delights of colour and decor that might await me.

of course im never dissapointed and im sure this time will be no exception... 

Check out what the Wonderland crew had to say about their forthcoming event. (Facebook event link below)


After October's rampaging rumble in the arches, The Wonderlanders thought it a bright idea to go all-out in December and have a right old WALLOP! Expect the usual oddities, messiness, debauchery... and surprises!!!. Check out the line up in The Big Bass Boutique.



Receiving international plays from DJ’s such as James Zabiela, peak time radio airings from Jay Cunning on Kiss.Fm and the BBC, AJ Myst has established a name for himself as a serious national and international artist. And now he's fiddling with our decks!

With past performances at Glade Festival and DJ sets through Spain and New Zealand, AJ has created a stirring of expectation as to how his future projects will sound and is spending most of his life buried deep beneath vintage synthesisers. This is not to be missed.


*Mary Miss Fairy (Wonk#ay Records)

When she's not producing with Atomic Drop or Mr Mirra, jetting off to play nights in Prage, Toulouse and Paris, or playing at festivals like Glastonbury, Lovebox, Glade and Secret Garden; she sometimes like to come and party with us! A gorgeous lady, with a box full of beats, bass and attitude- she will have you banging the roof like the Dude.


*Ben In Rome

All the way from sunny Bournemouth, B.I.R drops heavy, upfront, bouncing beats - anything from Electro and Breaks through to Techno. He has been smashing both club nights and festival dance floors for the last 4 years and is always a favourite with discerning party cats. If you like your beats tough and the dancefloor at near hysterical meltdown then Ben In Rome is your man. He also plays as one half of Bournemouth breakbeat duo the Safebreakers, so we're in for a walloping treat!


*Beaton (Acidic Records)

We like snatching DJs from our Elysian friends for the night, as the play rather large bangers. However it is criminal that we have not had Beaton come to play for us sooner. His Jungle/D&B remix work for other UK artists including Celladore, Creecha and Hollie Cook and collaborations with Boyson, Hypeman Sage and DJ Muse means he has a bag of dirty tricks that are, largely, his own! DOOOOSH!


*Clarkie (Graffiti Breakz)

Another belated first appearance, Clarkie is in town to mash up the breakz! One of the masterminds of said excellent breakz events, and one half of Skinny & Clarkie; this is sure to be on fire and grimy.


*Hatesy (Leefest, Crucifix Lane) DJ

The boss is back!!! Our big old friend of Leefest and running-the-club fame returns to smash some party house into your face.

sore hips and split lips will follow


*King Mix-A-Lot (Resident)

His royal highness will be kicking things off with his crazy, nostalgic and quirky brand of big-beat and electronica. Just don't let the Queen see you having too much fun...


*Benchmark (Resident)

Tweedle Dee is keeping an eye on this lot and all who dare to join them. Party Drums and Party Bass are the order of the day here, so get fresh, get low and Wallop one out!


***The Mushroom Patch***


*Reeps One LIVE

*Double Drop LIVE

*Franky & The Jacks (Live)

*SubCulture Sounds DJ


*Wingnut (Tribe/Acidic Records) DJ

*TheAlchemist (Nowhere/Euroburners/491) DJ


*Raath-Mon-Tet (ALAN) DJ

* Elementum (Resident) DJ



To see how your precious pounds and pennies are being invested at the moment, please take the time to visit


Wonderland Proudly Supports The Wonder Years Centre for




Tickets available:


This event is over 18 ONLY. ID required (Valid Passport, Driving License or card with PASS hologram only)


Hope to see you there, THE WONDERLAND CREW xXx


Thursday, 01 December 2011 21:25
Ever since i first head about this event ive been anticipating its arrival and talking to friends about their opinions on it.

Everyone ive spoken to seems very excited about the prospect of a genuinely new and inovative idea for an event in London.

The list of performers alone is worth the entrance fee with the DJ's being an added bonus!!!.

The production spec of this event will no doubt be sky high and youll' leave with a sense that you have been present at something special... 

Check out what the Imaginarium crew had to say about their forthcoming event. (facebook event link below)


When you enter the Imaginarium for the first time be transported to a vastly decadent carnival of space gypsies, shady scientists, cybernetic freaks, peddlers of illicit goods from many solar systems, practitioners of forbiden fetishes and exotic harlots in fantastic attire all carousing 'til dawn, abondoning themselves in a miasma of thunderous bass, licentious encounters and hypnotic lights."


The Imaginarium presents a portal to a parallel world far, far away... Think Bladerunner crossed with the Star Wars Cantina - a mashup of science fiction and steampunk underground marketplace in full fiesta mode, patrolled by bounty hunters, cyber punks, monsters, rebellious princesses in disguise hiding from their fearsome pursuers...stalls purveying strange, alien trinkets while sideshows abound - bizarre dancers and fetish circus freaks fight for your attention...


A costume party and a rave, Imaginarium is both a feast for senses and an opportunity to dissolve in a hedonistic night of dancing and escapism. When you arrive, check your coats, step through the giant mirror and join us in outer rave-space at coordinates known only to a select few...this time. Be one of the first to take the blue pill and see what's on the other side of the glass.




Lynch the Hangman -

Voodootronix -

Wingnut -

Si Iridium -

DJ K -

Ade Laugee -

Grandmaster Faff -

DJ Ade -



Many still to be confirmed but expect a host of circus skills and dancers to grace our podiums, cages and catwalk.


Bella Rouge (Burlesque)

Pink Gem (Needlework)

Missa Blue (Striptease/wax)

D-Ra & Fatty (hoop, staff, juggling, poi)

Emily-Rose (hoop)

Kazuyo (Japanese rope suspension)

Flowers of Flesh (All girl hook suspension)

Vicky Ivanovic (Belly dancing)

Imaginarium Dance Freaks

Mutant Caberet

Fat Kitten Comedy

Sir Horation St.John Jingo


The Imaginarimart


A place to purchase accessories, artworks and costumes.


Max Kane - Fetish, Steam Punk clothes and accessories as well as orders for custom designs.


Cy Henty - Art prints and sculture


Visuals and décor:


Custom props and installations. Bespoke LED lighting system. Projections and TVs with live content from around the club. Steampunk art exhibits.




Tickets on sale at -



Early birds from October 14th at £7+bf

Regular advance ticket: £10+bf

Limited tickets at the door £12


Keep up to date with the latest event news at -



Tuesday, 15 November 2011 20:08
Back with evengance!....Therapy sessions land in Bristol this weekend...

The obvious choice for them is The Black Swan, notorious for all the right reasons...

This time the Therapy crew have enlisted the skills of some home grown Bristol talent in the form of the Jungle Syndicate Bristol crew.

As well as their formidible Anger Management all dark star line up, these boys will be rinsing it out hard in room 2... (ps check room 3 line up.. Phil McGappin... LMAO)

Check out what the Therapy Sessions crew had to say about their forthcoming event... (Facebook Event link below)


Therapy Sessions Bristol is back!! This time we are teaming up with our good friends at Jungle Syndicate & Agro to bring you one killer ass dirty night at one of our favourite grimy venues THE BLACK SWAN! We know it's a little bit after Halloween but as usual, we LOVE to see you all covered in blood and all scary like lol (If You Please) So come and get your well needed and deserved injection of Darkside Drum & Bass and a whole lot more! We have 3 rooms of killer underground beats, So something for all......


Here We Go Again Bristol.......

Anger Management.Freak Recordings.Jungle Syndicate & Agro Present



**ROOM 1** (The Therapy Dungeon)- Serious Deep Drum & Bass!!

Powered By Turbulence.


[Freak.Obscene.Tech Freak.FreakMP3.Metalheadz-UK/USA]


[Tech Itch.Tech Freak.Penetration.Moving Shadow-UK]


[Virus.Freak.Tech Freak.Subtitles-UK]


[Freak.Faith In Chaos.Therapy.Metalheadz-USA/UK]


[Offkey.Freak.Obscene.Position Chrome.Prspct-UK]

-DJ E-

[Freak.Obscene.Vampire.Therapy London-UK]


[Close To Death-UK]

-G ZUS b2b L TECH-



**ROOM 2** (Jungle Syndicate)

Powered By Neverlution Sound. Visuals By Sasquatch.





**ROOM 3** (The Legendary "Anything Goes" Room)







Admission : Tickets 10 pounds +BF / 12 Pounds On The Door

It's always too long Bristol! We miss you so damn much!!... Get Ready for the Insanity!!!!

Seeya there!!

Everyone involved xxx

Anger: - Merchandise:

MP3 Download Store : - Freak Forum :

Jungle Syndicate : - Youtube:


Tuesday, 15 November 2011 19:27
This month see's the return of one of the nineties most sought after rave promotors... The legendary DREAMSCAPE...

This Saturday in a massive venue in northhampton, over 1500 people will travel back in time and experience the heady days of the mid nineties rave euphoria. The line up stays very true to the original Dreamscape, with the same DJ's and MC's that played at the massive Sanctuary events...

The crew behind this are the original friends of Murray Beetson, the rave scence legend who pushed to increase the capacity of The Sanctuary, creating one of the UK's most important and influential rave venue's.

The original Dreamscape production specs were some of the most audacious and spectacular that the rave scence ever saw... be prepared for something immense... welcome back DREAMSCAPE..

Check out what the ESP crew had to say about their forthcoming event...


DREAMSCAPE 20th Anniversary & Home Coming
Saturday 19th November 2011

Roadmender, 1 Lady's lane, Northampton, NN1 3AH

Tickets click here:-

Twenty years ago those famous glass doors at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes opened for the very first time and history was made. Dreamscape gave us one of the biggest contributions to the rave scene and started a whole new era of raving. If you went raving during 1991-2002 then you were probably one of the millions that went through those doors and we have one person to thank for that.


When Murray Beetson first came across this venue it only had a legal capacity of 400, he knew it would make a legendary dance venue but he wanted a 4000 person capacity to give it that true warehouse feeling. Out of his own pocket he paid for extra fire exits to be constructed so that the capacity could be increased, making the Sanctuary a mecca for ravers and their second home.

He also pioneered the multi arena concept, first adding Rollers and then the Go kart track increasing the capacity to 10,000 people. Murray also gave us the first live satellite link between the Sanctuary and Shepton Mallet on New years eve 1995, setting the standard for others to follow.

Sadly the site of the Sanctuary has now been redeveloped into a retail park and football ground, but for millions of ravers this place still holds very special memories


The legacy Murray has left is unmeasurable and to celebrate the 20th anniversary and pay tribute to the great man (our friend) and thank him for all those unforgettable memories Dreamscape is returning to it's home town of Northampton and to The Roadmender where Dreamscape's journey started and it became the most successful and influential rave organisations of it's time.



Setting the Standard From Start to Finish


Murray Beetson


Love, peace and respect



We would like to thank everyone who gave their time and love to make this event happen.

and we will especially like to thank Clarkee who has come out of retirement to be with us welcome home Rich.

We are forever grateful and love you all


Stacey, Vanessa, Max, Revla, Stubs, Will and Jim

(The Dreamscape Crew)



Dreamscape Arena:

To help us celebrate and re-create that historic evening of Dreamscape 1, we have invited some Murray's favorite DJs and closest friends to pay their respects and they will be playing music from 1989-1996 as this was the period when he owned ESP/Dreamscape.


Ramos / Sy / Swanee

Dougal / Top Buzz / Slipmatt

Clarkee / Grooverider / Ellis Dee



Magika / Ribbz / Mad P / Robbie Dee / MC Marley


Rewind Arena:

History lesson 1991-2002

To take you on a music journey through Dreamscape, the Rewind collective the Capital's finest old skool organisation and their friends will give you a history lesson of more than a decade of music,They will dig a little deeper to bring you not only all the anthems and hits you would normally associate with Dreamscape but also those rare underground tunes the likes of which you don't hear everyday. Get ready for this educational lesson.


Tango b2b Ratty / Vibes and LiveLee / DJ SS

Snypa / Becks / FX

Dan Rewind / Maverick b2b Maxim / Scottie


MC's: Fearless / Strict / Fusion / DHD / Darksta Arena:

To get you loved up and clapping your hands, we have asked onlyoldskool,com the Midlands premier internet radio station to host this very special house room, With a very special guest not normally associated with this genre of music

House is a feeling.


Pilgrim (in a different style) / Pinkie / Henryvilla

Pinhead / Burnzee / Kingey

Beaker / Dougie P


VIP Area:

As a VIP you will have quick access to the entrance and jump any queues. Once inside you will be welcomed by our team of hostesses who will take your coats to be stored in the cloakroom and given a glass of champagne along with a very speacial VIP wristband which will allow you access to the VIP area, where yon chillout or watch the madness from the balcony over looking the main room. Your host DJs for the night will be Mastergroove, Scottie, Shock-C and guests.


Help for heroes


Help for Heroes (H4H)

is a British charity launched on the 1st October 2007 to help provide better facilities for British servicemen and women wounded since September 11, 2001. It was founded by Bryn Parry OBE and his wife Emma Parry OBE after they visited soldiers at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham. The charity was launched after a meeting with General Sir Richard Dannatt, the Chief of the General Staff, the professional head of the British Army.


Tickets click here:-


Ticket prices:-

Standard: £20.00 + b/f

VIP: £30.00 + b/f


Ticket outlets:

Spun out - Northampton


THEM - LONDON - 18th Nov 2011
Tuesday, 15 November 2011 18:45
THEM Ldn return this friday, pushing hard with their own unique blend of electronica and bass heavy music.

The THEM boys have been building up a reputation for pulling off parties with a difference for some time..

With a string of roadblock events at the Rhythm factory under their belt, The Corsica Studios is a natural progression from their east London roots and lends itself perfectly to the vibe and character of the nite.

THEM is a truly unique delicacy that doesnt show its face on our musical plates very often...we say grab with both hands and gorge uncontrollably before the chance slips you by...
Check out what the THEM crew had to say about their forthcoming event...(Facebook event link below)


THEM LDN Returns to invade Corsica Studios with an absolutely massive line up over 2 rooms of Corsica's notoriously large Funktion One Sound.







LUKE ENVOY (Oldschool Dubstep set)







ED WEST (dancehall)






£6.00 -- SOLD OUT

£8:50 -- SOLD OUT

£10. -- (18 left) -



10pm - 6am @ Corsica Studios, 5 Elephant Rd, SE17 1LB

tube = Elephant & Castle / buses - check

Tickets also available on Resident Advisor.


THEM 9 - invaders






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