BOOMTOWN FAIR - 9th - 12th August 2012
Sunday, 17 June 2012 16:10

Its bigger and better than ever before.. its back for summer 2012.. its BOOMTOWN!!!


This festival is fast becoming the essential festival on the underground music scene in the uk. The creativity and pure love and soul that gets poured into it is just NEXT level. The line up alone would be worth the ticket price but on top of that you get a whole make shift town to explore. The excitement of exploring the hidden rooms and clubs spread throughout the town just cant be beaten, round every corner is   something that you will remember for months to come, giant metal sculptures and a plethora of themed mini venues await your eager eyes and ears, a festival goers dream come true.. awaits you…


Check out what the Boomtown fair production crew had to say about their forthcoming festival (Facebook event link below)



Welcome to the worlds maddest city!!!

Each year the town committee holds an annual summer fair where for one weekend only, every business, shop and residency in this crazy city halt usual business and open their doors to you- the tourists!!! 

Over 30 outrageus themed stages along with mind boggling sideshows, mutated vehicles and full on street parties will be your playground during your stay.. 

All of your feedback has been listened to and for 2012 the whole event structure and everything involved in it is getting completely re-designed and upgraded, the city walls are expanding into lushest new flatter camping areas with spruced up facilities, hot-tubs and general leisureness!! please note new carparks, entrances and a queuing system is now in place for your pleasurable arrival and beautiful wooded areas are being incorporated for secret parties and chillout space, ladies and gentlemen if you thought that boomtown 2011 was pretty mad then we can 100% guarantee that your time at this years fair will be on a completely epic new level !!

The Boomtown committee are very proud to announce their brand new collaboration with 'green event security' for 2012 - world renowned festival aid. Boomtown fair is a fully independent grassroots festival and completely free from any form of sponsorship!