I LOVE HARD BEATS - LONDON - 13th July 2012
Sunday, 17 June 2012 15:29

Forward thinking and fun loving is the ethos of ILHB. This being their second event they have quickly found a place in rave land that they feel comfortable in.. and ive' got a feeling their here to stay.


As with the last ILHB this event is free entry which always makes for a good vibe and a packed dance floor.


We BDR always have that extra bit of respect for events that try to push musical boundaries, as that has been one of our aims since we began. ILHB are definitely on the same tip with their remix room that switches it up between the many colours of hard dance and hardcore on the scene.


All in all this event has a lot to offer and sakes nothing in return apart from your enthusiasm and energy.. we think that is a very fair deal indeed.. don't miss out!!..


Check out what the ILHB crew had to say about their forthcoming event (Facebook event link below)



  • After a crazy, rammed and rocking first event, which well and truly established ILHB as one of the most forward-thinking and eclectic parties in London, we simply can’t wait any longer to unleash the second instalment and kick the arse of Lightbox in Vauxhall harder than at the last party!

    This time around we plan to have double the fun, double the energy, and double the shenanigans; event two is going to be totally twintastic and once again completely FREE! We want you to embrace everything twin, so pair up, dress identically, rave the night away with your partner in crime and we will have prizes on the night for the most convincing twins*. Two raves for the price of none!

    We will be carrying on our trademark anything-goes, fun-loving vibe and will be raving our socks off alongside you under the ceiling carpet of a million lights.
    Party number two is going to delve further into the underground freeform sound and the DJs will be matched up in b2b pairings to give you an auditory eargasm!.
    The Remix Room really punched above its weight at event one; this multi-genre melting-pot won’t be holding back and is set to make your vision go squiggly!

    To get your free ticket for our Lightbox invasion you need to be a fan of the Hard Beats Collective's Facebook page.

    Your ticket becomes valid after sharing the event and liking

    To VALIDATE your ticket please remember to have SHARED the event on Facebook.

    If you don’t have a ticket you and your twin will have to pay on the door! So grab your twin, get your free entry code and let’s get double vision!


    *real twins are not considered**

    **unless two sets of twins come dressed as quadruplets!