IMAGINARIUM - LONDON - 30th June 2012
Sunday, 17 June 2012 13:37

Its back!!!….

Imaginarium is fast on track to becoming one of the most notorious and talked about events of its kind… this isn't because its one of the only events of its kind.. (although im sure that helps!) but because great care and attention is taken over every aspect of the event. This care and attention results in a unique and exillerating party experience like no other…

Don't miss out.. get down to Union on the 30th of June and witness the wonders of Imaginarium!!!

Check out what the Imaginarium crew had to say about their forthcoming event (Facebook event link below)

Imaginarium-june-2012_EXImaginarium blasts off again!

Notorious beat-smugglers, bass rustlers, bionic banditos and champions of the galactic underdog Voodootronix and Lynch the Hangman AKA the Voodoo Lynch Mob take once more to the bass cannons of the Starship Imaginarium in their third adventure:


Deep in the badlands of outer rave space the infamous Bass Rustlers and their crew get into a perilous encounter... with deadly creatures from a subsonic anomaly!

Aliens have invaded the ship and infected everyone with a little understood virus...all we know is that the effects seem to include dancing uncontrollably til dawn, random outbreaks of extreme pleasure, blurred vision and the desire to dress extremely fabulously....early indications are that it may also function as an aphrodisiac!

Who knows why the Aliens have released this pathogen into the ships life-support, but it is believed it will wear off a little after 7am...if you can make it that far!

Again the whole of Union is at our disposal. The Pleasure Deck is back, complete with theatre, bar, play room and fun eclectic party sounds. Meanwhile, up on the Bridge your Captains Lynch and Voodoo helm up a planet-crushing line up of bass-heavy underground sounds.

I'm sure you'll all welcome back our delicious Dance Freakz - each hailing from a far-flung corner of the known universe, these strange and beautiful creatures will be tearing up the podiums, cages and stages. Just remember - hands off!

Feeling a little over-stimulated? We don't blame you! Why not relax by browsing the stalls of the Imaginarimart - located between the Bridge and the Pleasure deck. This area will now feature more seating to rest those weary rave feet before the bout of dance combat.


But for a few ideas think Steam punk cowboys, cybernetic outlaws, B-Movie aliens, goth monsters, burlesque bandits, raving sheriff's and their dancing deputy's...

No Effort - No Entry! We WILL be turning people away who have made no effort, or you may be asked to pay a penalty charge. This is to keep Imaginarium a safe a secure place for our party people, and to keep everybody on the level and to not break the atmosphere.

TICKETS: * Early Bird £7 * Advance £10 * Door £15 *

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