WONDERLAND's 12th NIGHT - LONDON - 17th March 2012
Monday, 05 March 2012 12:10
After a what feels like an age the outstanding party perveyors known as the WONDERLAND crew are back!.

On the the 17th of March the kings and Queens of good vibes and even better music and decor, return to there infamous home of Crucifix lane (Jacks) in London Bridge.

On this blessed and some might even say sacred (dont get too carried away mate...) nite of revelry I (disowned) will be gracing the decks along side many other fine sound wave technicians that have been carefully selected and aquired by the
Wonderland collective, our mission, to slowly but surley bend your bodys and your minds..!!!.

Check out what the Wonderland crew had to say about there forthcoming event. (facebook event Link Below)


If music be the food of love, play on..." And we shall! Come join us with Olivia, Malvolio, Sebastian and Feste in Illyria for an evening of mistaken identity, shipwrecks, confusion, clowns and even a little cross dressing to celebrating our 12th big club night (you like what we did there...) in the magical tunnels of Crucifix Lane.

Holding Court on the musical frontier, all powered by glorious Funktion-One::

*** Sebastian's Bass Boutique ***


Massive things are afoot for these fellas.

We are extremely proud and priveleged to welcome these guys onto our decks, this should be stonking!

*KURSA (Caliber Music, Azlan Entertainment, Wonkay Records)

Starting out on the squatparty scene, and refining his own brand of funked up, glitched out filth through many labels; Kursa is finally gracing the Wonderland decks to blow your minds and your bodies.

*DISOWNED (Grafitti Breakz, Brain Damage Radio)

Our hardcore nutty friend returns to get things grimy. His sets are highly charged, and we are delighted to have him back. Expect chronic bass, mental rhythms and sore bodies when his hour is up!

*ADE LAUGEE (Acidic Records)

Our man Ade is also a returning friend, but this one is funky, filthy and almost everything in between. He'll chuck in some cheeky bootlegs, he'll have you wondering how? and why? This man is too fun for his own good, and his breaks and D&B will have you in stitches.


DeeScott aka AFROpunkno1 ,is a london based female dj/producer.. best known for her distinct production sound, expect to hear bonkers twisted electro beats followed by an experimental hip hop remix... DJing from the age of 14, Dee has played all over the world including South Africa, turkey and Cyprus. Anything goes as long as its got soul and bass!!!!!!

Plus Residents.....


***Malvolio's Mushroom Patch***


The Keston Cobblers' Club are a troupe of merry, whimsical quintessential folk who will heel your soles!.


The Lost Cavalry are playing a slightly different set of songs for us as a special one-off treat - expect folky pop favourites mixed in with something a little more electronic... concertinas and drum machines... guitars played by robots.


"Foot stompin’, thigh slappin’ bluegrass from the deep south (of England)". These guys will have you up, about and sloshing your drinks all over the dancefloor.


Expect the often unheard side of minimal techno, deep house and 2 step in this debut dj set from the producer half of this new London based dance duo.


Having provided his sounds across the UK aswell as in countries such as Germany, France, Poland & Australia, ADHDJS mixes World Music, Dub, Roots & Chill out. He runs his own record label 'Mystikal Roots' which aims to push forward the great sound of Dub and also has his own show on Sub FM called 'Locally Sourced' every Thursday 12pm - 2pm.

Plus Residents...

Plus more DJs T.B.A...

Wonderland's 12th Night would not be complete without...

**Out Of This World Decor & Custom Stage Design **Stunning Dancers

**Mind-boggling Performances **Fun Games & Face Paint

***The World Famous Wonderland Bakery and Tea-shack.

*** Wonderland's African Jeniba Jewellery, check it out here:

Our first sustainable project set up on our recent visit to The Gambia!


See You there!!! xxx