Thursday, 01 December 2011 21:25
Ever since i first head about this event ive been anticipating its arrival and talking to friends about their opinions on it.

Everyone ive spoken to seems very excited about the prospect of a genuinely new and inovative idea for an event in London.

The list of performers alone is worth the entrance fee with the DJ's being an added bonus!!!.

The production spec of this event will no doubt be sky high and youll' leave with a sense that you have been present at something special... 

Check out what the Imaginarium crew had to say about their forthcoming event. (facebook event link below)


When you enter the Imaginarium for the first time be transported to a vastly decadent carnival of space gypsies, shady scientists, cybernetic freaks, peddlers of illicit goods from many solar systems, practitioners of forbiden fetishes and exotic harlots in fantastic attire all carousing 'til dawn, abondoning themselves in a miasma of thunderous bass, licentious encounters and hypnotic lights."


The Imaginarium presents a portal to a parallel world far, far away... Think Bladerunner crossed with the Star Wars Cantina - a mashup of science fiction and steampunk underground marketplace in full fiesta mode, patrolled by bounty hunters, cyber punks, monsters, rebellious princesses in disguise hiding from their fearsome pursuers...stalls purveying strange, alien trinkets while sideshows abound - bizarre dancers and fetish circus freaks fight for your attention...


A costume party and a rave, Imaginarium is both a feast for senses and an opportunity to dissolve in a hedonistic night of dancing and escapism. When you arrive, check your coats, step through the giant mirror and join us in outer rave-space at coordinates known only to a select few...this time. Be one of the first to take the blue pill and see what's on the other side of the glass.




Lynch the Hangman -

Voodootronix -

Wingnut -

Si Iridium -

DJ K -

Ade Laugee -

Grandmaster Faff -

DJ Ade -



Many still to be confirmed but expect a host of circus skills and dancers to grace our podiums, cages and catwalk.


Bella Rouge (Burlesque)

Pink Gem (Needlework)

Missa Blue (Striptease/wax)

D-Ra & Fatty (hoop, staff, juggling, poi)

Emily-Rose (hoop)

Kazuyo (Japanese rope suspension)

Flowers of Flesh (All girl hook suspension)

Vicky Ivanovic (Belly dancing)

Imaginarium Dance Freaks

Mutant Caberet

Fat Kitten Comedy

Sir Horation St.John Jingo


The Imaginarimart


A place to purchase accessories, artworks and costumes.


Max Kane - Fetish, Steam Punk clothes and accessories as well as orders for custom designs.


Cy Henty - Art prints and sculture


Visuals and décor:


Custom props and installations. Bespoke LED lighting system. Projections and TVs with live content from around the club. Steampunk art exhibits.




Tickets on sale at -



Early birds from October 14th at £7+bf

Regular advance ticket: £10+bf

Limited tickets at the door £12


Keep up to date with the latest event news at -