WHIRL-Y-GIG - LONDON - 12th Nov 2011
Friday, 11 November 2011 18:49
This weekend see's Whirl-y-gig and its colourful array of followers decend on Crucifix Lane (Formerly Jacks) creating by design, another temporary window out of the space time continuem.

Whirl-y is like an old friend that just keeps on giving and never asks for anything in return..

if yuove never been.. GO!!!... if you already know... im sure your making plans as we speak...

Check out what the Whirl-y Collective had to say about their upcoming event... (Facebook event link below)

Whirl-y-gig-Nov-2011_EXWhirl-y-Gig embodies the spirit of community in a carnival atmosphere. Bathed in rainbow rippling lights and wrapped in exotic decor, it is a festival of delights for people of all ages and places.


Dance to the Whirl-y-Beat and journey through Whirl-y-Gig's unique electronic landscape, where many diverse elements blend into one cohesive and unifying experience. From heavy dub and funky drum'n'bass to tropical house and uplifting tribal trance, the Whirl-y-Mix embraces flavours of Celtic and global, classical and psychedelic, rock and even pop, roots and radical. Whether it be African or European, Arabic or Asian, Whirl-y-Gig finds inspiration from around the world, yet is rooted firmly in the here and now of London's alternative club scene.


Whirl-y-Gig is an event difficult to describe and a moment difficult to miss. With a strong and loving life force, the Whirl-y-Sound is a musical heartbeat for a future global family.

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