COREXCORE - LONDON - 25th October 2011
Monday, 24 October 2011 20:28
CorexCore is not a event for the faint hearted, with Drumcorps, Ladyscraper, Junkiecut, Rapidax and more all on a tuesday nite...

The Others is a great venue that doesnt get used enough and this weekday helping of hard as nails beats speaks volumes on their willingness to let promotors do their thing.

Also this will probably be one of the only chances youll get to see Drumcorps for a fiver, massive massive bargain..!!!

Check out what the CoreXCore crew had to say about the forth coming event (Facebook event link below)


Forget your sub-genre pigeonholes! It doesn't matter how you like your music as long as it's filthy, noizy, brutal and you wouldn't play it to your Nan!.

We aim to bring you live performances from artists that defy classification. This Is CoreXCore! 

For our opening night we have a stonker of a line up for you:


Aaron Spectre started off playing drums and going to all ages shows in the wasteland of suburban Massachusetts. He was fortunate to have been heavily influenced by bands like Converge, Bane, and Cave In during his formative years. As his interests shifted to electronic music, he moved to NYC, bought turntables, and started producing ambient, jungle and drum'n'bass. 
In 2003 he relocated to Berlin, ...Germany, to launch his music career. He released several vinyl 12”s, and soon found a following playing at squats and raves around Europe. Spectre founded Drumcorps to synthesize the unlikely mix of electronic music production values and the raw power of American hardcore. The result is not for everyone, but to Drumcorps' devout fans, it delivers: Drumcorps shows are notoriously high-energy, cathartic affairs.


Coming at you like Phil Anselmo with his cock in one hand and a canvas bag full of gabber kicks in the other, Ladyscraper alternates between beating the shit from your bowels and transporting you to lovely fairy castles surrounded by flying unicorns. Live, Ladyscraper is a horrible prospect. Thick sheets of pounding blast beats, sweat and large men wearing denim…like Lemmy if he was young now and had a laptop.


After extensive releases on underground net-labels, such as Splatterkore, DTRASH & Splitterblast Records, JUNKIE KUT is releasing his groundbreaking debut single, “Pixel Picture” with Unrepresented Music on 25th November 2011. Combining the industrial metal sound of Pitchshifter with the punk rave attitude of the The Prodigy, JUNKIE KUT is set to be the pioneer of a fresh new wave of live electronic music.
Hailing from Nottingham, UK, he has established a dedicated following on the European rave scene and has worked alongside artists such as Komprex, The Destroyer & Passenger of Shit. Taking his influences from everything from hardcore punk rock & classical music to underground techno & speedcore culture, he has performed his unique sound to thousands of fans all over Europe and has supported top dance acts such as Angerfist, The DJ Producer & Gabba Front Berlin.



The Venue:

Rooted in the Stoke Newington heartland of N16 above Stoke Newington Church Street, The Others is a multifunctional space allowing for the realisation of a wide variety of peoples ideas from Tai Chi to fencing through to photography and comedy. From the front door there are easy links to Finsbury Park tube and Liverpool Street via Stoke Newington Station BR and a wide selection of buses to/from Angel, Kings Cross, the west-end and beyond.

Tube: Finsbury Park, then 106 bus
Train: Stoke Newington (from Liverpool Street)
Buses: 67, 73, 76, 106, 149, 243, 476 (all stop @ Stoke Newington BR)

The Others has it's own private smoking area, a cheap bar, and a super-cheap foozball table!

Tuesday 25th October
@ The Others
6 and 8 Manor Road, 
Stoke Newington, 
N16 5SA.

£5 door tax.
7pm till Midnight.