Tuesday, 04 October 2011 13:45
As of today we are back online after our hack attack back in early September.

Kicking off the restart of our Blog articles is the the one and only WONDERLAND.

These guys haver been going from strength to strength since the end of 2010.

Now we are coming to the final monthes of 2011, and their parties have become without question "THE! event you just dont miss".

If youve been youll know why, if you havnt then take this article as your cue to get down there on saturday night.

Check out what the WONDERLAND crew had to say about their forthcoming event. (Facebook event link below)


The Queen of Hearts and her loyal subjects invite you back into Wonderland after a summer full of festival fun. The White Rabbit got covered in paint, The King got his kazoo out and the March Hare built a house. But then things get serious. We don't riot like the riff-raff. We throw a rather lovely party and cause a bit of a rumble! So step into the ring, feel alive! The leaves will be falling down and so will your opponent... so lllLLLEEEEETTS GET READY TO rrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRUUMMMMMMMBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!.......What is in store this fine Fall.....

********* The Big Bass Boutique*********

- Itchy & Skratchy Djs

- Sai (Wobble Squad) & EFEX-

- My Panda Shall Fly B2B Pirate Soundsystem

- Nitro (Different Drumz UK)


-Shake2Bass (Alan)-

-W3DGE (Alan)-

-Colour (Happy Daze, Bristol)-

*********The Mushroom Patch*********

-Fur (LIVE!)-

Clean Bandit (LIVE!) / Lions (Live!)

Disco Duzmoore / King Mix-A-Lot

Miss White Rabbit / Menos / Enchante 

*********Wonderland would not be complete without***********

-Crazy games, silly activities and interactive installations.

This time round the Queen of Hearts invites you to take part in her Royal Rumble Rave Off. Take to the ring and compete to become the Queens Boogy Champion! Gaining her favor and all the unearthly pleasantrys that come with the Queen and feel her rath!! Its Rumbling time...are you up to it??

Tea and cake galore, so get in in your face!

-Jugglers, Spinners and general twiddlers

-ALL audio powered by FUNKTION ONE, courtesy of RSH Audio.

-Face & Body Painting

- Ambient lighting and mindbending projections from the brilliant Lucynation

-Stage lighting courtesy of the DCLX boys 

-Massages from the lovely Fairiefoo Masseurs.

-Podium dancers decorated with...

-Body art by the incredible Maya Lewis

!!!***Plus much, much more; some to be announced... some a surprise***!!!

*** So! Get your ticket now from: ***

All proceeds (after event costs) go to our chosen charity, The Wonder Years Centre for Excellence (Registered Charity No. 1089167, NGO No. A78 To see how your precious pounds and pennies are being invested at the moment, please visit