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DISOWNED - SUUB (Episode 1) - 23rd November 2012

Every so often something goes so right its like a key sliding into a lock. This was how it felt playing at SUUB back in November 2012. The DJ before my was playing a different style and my set was a marked change of genre and pace. The crowd soon picked up on what was happening and the change in energy and enthusiasm was obvious!... By the last 25 minutes the whole place had transformed with people stomping hard in one corner whilst others leaped around on the stage dancing, franticly thrusting giant mains powered glow sticks in the air!. crowd responses like that are pure gold!!!

This set Is heavily influenced by the kniteforce 20/20 box set which included 27 remixes of the Kniteforce back catalogue. The project was conceived to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the label. Big respect goes out to the LUNA-C who's been a huge, huge influence on me over the years. heres to another 20 years of kniteforce! 

(ps big up to Bradley and Jimmy for putting the event on. im yours anytime)

1) The Shivers (Dj Deluxe Remix) - Luna-C
2) Feel It (In The Air) (Radiophonic Oddity Remix) - Future Primitive
3) Lift Me Up (Fracus & Darwin Remix) - Future Primitive
4) Dj's In Full Effect (Sc@R Remix) - Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
5) Shake Your Body - Dougal & Gammer
6) Snow In Summer (Panacea Remix) - Cru-L-T
7) Fuck Orrrfff!!! - Luna-C
8) Stun Gun - Luna-C
9) Pump Da Noize 2010 - Marc Smith
10) What A Great Drug (Dougal & Gammer Remix) - Sy & Unknown
11) Super Sunday (Genki Remix) - Alk-E-D
12) I Run These Streets (Brisk Remix) - Luna-C
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