Sunday, 05 August 2012 15:41

Disowned-BIO-PIC_EXSince Disowned started out back in 96' one core motivation has always felt clear. An internal drive to craft and shape a musical journey, a journey that breaks down barriers, a journey that has the potential to ignite people, creating an atmosphere of unity and release.

His modern sets are a perfected blend of genres, samples and intensities. His sense of humour and   passion always clear and present throughout.

The only constant in his sets?, a blatantly obvious passion for the 90's rave scene. He makes no apologies for his love of mid 90's hardcore, seeking out the best and most engaging tracks from the swathes of generic releases, whether they be current or from a decade ago. His affiliation with the classic and groundbreaking hardcore/oldskool label Kniteforce is clear with many of his sets featuring multiple KF releases.

His desire to explore and experiment with multiple genres lead him to found BDR ( in early 2005. The site provided a free space for DJ's to host their mixes well before the days of Sound cloud. The site soon became well known and broadly respected on the underground London scene. Fast forward to the present and BDR has been given a full rebuild and now focuses mainly on live DJ sets, event reviews and recommendations.

His meeting by chance of the McMash Clan, founders of “Braindrop” in 2006 was one of many quite fortunate events he recalls from that period. Their ethos of good vibes and multiple genres within one event leant itself perfectly to Disowned's already keen interest in genre switching. Braindrop became the perfect stepping stone, linking him and his music with many like minded promotors and ravers. With a residency at Braindrop under his belt Disowned went on to gain bookings at multiple events around the city and beyond.

In 2007 he launched the music and street art event “Graffiti Breakz” with close friends and fellow Braindrop residents “Skinny&Clarkie”. The event spent a year or so in a one room venue in Camden before moving to a larger three room venue in Tower Hamlets in 2009. The final event was held at the large, warehouse style “Jacks” club in Southwark in late 2010. Although the promotion as a whole was successful, the amount of time and energy spent organising the ever more varied and complex events took its toll on the group and they decided to end the promotion in order to focus on their solo projects.
For Disowned this meant more time to create. Since 2011 he has been focused on music production with a release on Kniteforce's 20 year anniversary remix album in autumn 2012.

2013 has much in store with multiple tracks and remixes nearing completion and an invite to play back to back with rave legend Dave Skywalker at the legendary Bang Face.

Keep your eyes and ears on his Sound cloud page for up to date release information and developments.