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 / DAVE SKYWALKER vs DISOWNED - BANGFACE 88 - 22nd March 2013

Dave Skywalker vs Disowned

Recorded Live @ Bangface 88 (The Musical) - 22nd March 2013

Its taken a while but at last, here it is!

Dave Skywalker and me bashing out the rave messiness at BANGFACE!!! 

Dave is an absolute legend and his invite for me to play a back to back set with him at BANGFACE was as a total surprise. 

I think we both took full advantage of the opportunity to blend our styles, the outcome being a jam packed set that doesnt let up for a second!. 

I personally relished the opportunity to play some full on messy breakcore, as I knew I could easily get away with it at BANGFACE. 
The last 20 mins of the set is my favorite section (big up Spongebob Squarewave!!!). 

The layout of the set is: 
Tracks 1 - 6 Dave Skywalker 
Tracks 7 - 11 Disowned 
Tracks 12 - 16 Dave Skywalker 
Tracks 17 - 21 Disowned 

Much love and respect goes out to dave and the whole BF extended family. xxx


No track list at present

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