Tuesday, 26 March 2013 23:46

The Pomelo Posse land at The Maze this march to celebrate their first year of promotions.


Apples and Snares has an obvious Jungle Breakcore theme, with names like 'Dr.Bastardo" and Raggamuffin" sitting proudly at the top of their flyer.


With the london scene becoming saturated with Dubstep and Drum & bass events its great to see that other UK cities are not following suit, Instead sticking to what they know and love… amen breakcore messinessssss…!!!


Check out what the Apples and Snares crew had to say about their forth coming event (Facebook event link below)


Apples-and-Snares_march_EXIt's been a banging 1st year for the Pomelo Posse so big up to all you who have come and got involved. Now lets avit in style as we take you UP THE APPLES AND SNARES!!

Room 1: Jungle/Breakcore/Gabba/Drum & Bass

**Dr Bastardo (Peace Off/MethLab)**
If you'v seen his sets before then you should be as excited as we are, if not then expect utter carnage! This masked madman combines gabba kicks, amens and breakcore wizardry that will undoubtedly cause serious havoc.

**Raggamuffin (Jungle Syndicate)**
Coming from the London Jungle Syndicate faction armed with some serious amens.
Check his new release on Jungle Syndicate Records!

**Boneman(JungleX/On A Break)**
This man has been pushing jungle and jungley breaks out of the midlands for some time now and is guaranteed to rock the party!

**Evade (Free Range / Hodge Podge)**
Junglist badman that will be smashing up The Maze with a heavy selection of tunes.
Be sure to check his soundcloud to make use of the free beats he's giving away!!

**Edderrzz & Hungo**
Carrying on as we have done all year by smashing out our own selection of pomelo flavoured heavy beats!

ROOM 2 - A selection of local crews will be avin it out upstairs showing Nottingham what they've got! Expect anything from party breaks to gabba and breakcore.

Both rooms powered by Spectral Light & Sound (14K in total)

£5 before 11, £6 after.